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In Other News…

August 17, 2013

So in other news, I have not blogged in nearly a year.  I think I was so emotionally involved in the posts following Max’s death (my dog), that nothing else seemed important to write about.  But lately, I’ve felt the urge so I’m going to break my nearly 12 month fast.  Or at least try to.  (How many posts have I started like, “I know it’s been a while since I blogged.  I’m the world’s worst blogger.”)

A year in the life of Carrie via photos?  How about that?  That’s an easy way to catch up…

Met some super huge trees…


Hiked here… (Tahoe)


Ran here… (More Tahoe)


And fell here… (perfect camera moment, right?  I love that my husband took a photo as I was flying through the air…)


Went camping with my best friends (and their dogs..)


Went to Turks and Caicos and enjoyed empty beaches…


Couriered a Potcake across international boarders for an adoption…


Oh, this, BTW, is a Potcake (an “island dog.”)  His name is Buddy and he now lives with an awesome family near Philly.


Lots and lots of stuff going on with The Monster Milers…  our volunteers continue to amaze and humble me…


Planning is kicking into HIGH GEAR for The Rescue Run, Philly’s first race to benefit animal rescue.  (And I can’t believe it’s actually happening….)

481254_10151467300496740_243621948_nSpending time with my own two monsters…

942875_10151615037286740_1024491930_n (1)

My husband’s family visited Philly (from New Zealand); his parents for the first time…


And we decided the logical thing would be to take a family trip to Mexico (w/ my in-laws, brother-in-law and my mom.)  I took my mom to see pyramids.

998330_10151515236732826_1381539171_nWe got lost…


And saw things like this…


Oh and I swam in this cenote…


And saw a legit Luche Libre match in Mexico and kissed a wrestler…


Ran another Ragnar – this time in CANADA!


Lots o’ hiking, living, cooking, loving, laughing and being with Lindsay…


Basically, I am ridiculously blessed.  I can honestly say, I’ve never been happier in my life.  And it’s scary to admit that because I always feel like something bad has to happen when life gets this good.  Work has been great and I feel like I’ve finally found my managerial style.  I think my staff are happy and we’re actively working to build relationships with them.  Most of our clients are thoughtful, respectful and grateful for what we do.  Our non-profit volunteers are just… inspirational.  I still can’t believe that a silly idea I had while out running would blow up into what it has.  I’m running often (injury free in 2013!) and loving it.  Friends are wonderful, family bonds are strong, Philly is where my heart is.  My dogs are healthy and my cat has attitude.  Linds and I are best friends and we’re finally planning that wedding we’ve been talking about for ten years.  Life has just been…  good.

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